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What Would You Do If You Came Home To Find 102 Snakes In Your Basement?

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Earlier this week, a family in Saskatchewan, Canada got the surprise of a lifetime when they came home to find their house invaded by snakes. Somehow, over 100 garter snakes found their way inside the family’s home.

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The snakes were looking to escape the plunging temperatures outside and begin hibernating for the winter. I’m not sure I could think of a worse place for a snake to hibernate. I feel bad for the poor family.

At first, it looked like they just had a couple of garter snakes in their basement. Not really a big deal.


However, as they kept looking, they found more and more snakes. A few snakes even made it as far as the kitchen and the bedrooms. That’s when it was time to call in the professionals.


The family called up the local wildlife center. They sent a couple of people to investigate and round up the snakes.

In total, the folks from the wildlife center collected 102 snakes from the home. Here they all are together. Eck!


Garter snakes are among the most harmless type of snake out there. These garter snakes found their way into the family’s home looking for a place to hibernate for the winter.

Via: CBC

Even though these are harmless snakes, this would freak me the heck out. I don’t want my house to be invaded by things that creep or crawl. No thank you.

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