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Uh oh, White House: Ashton Kutchter’s Obamacare push is a big flop

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Actor Ashton Kutcher has close to 15.9 million Twitter followers. It’s been more than 20 hours since he sent this Obamacare-shilling tweet and he’s scored a whopping 91 retweets.!/aplusk/status/449593144607113216

Uh oh, White House. Looks like Kutcher’s praise of hard work and perseverance was a whole lot more popular than his Obamacare push.!/annmarieallen84/status/449647342787248128

Of course, it’s not hard to find things more popular than an Obamacare pitch.!/aplusk/status/448556341313798144

And as for that signup deadline, yeah, no one’s buying it.!/bradywilliamj/status/449594601842569216

Don’t worry, Ashton. Obama has a surefire way to hit his “signup” target by the end of the month.

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