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Top 10 Hurricane Sandy power outlet photos: Show us your strips!!/ganeumann/status/263728233676173312

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Good idea. There are 6 million East Coast residents still struggling without power post-Sandy (including one of our Twitchy Team members). Every bit of juice helps.

Worked out of car at Starbucks. people were hoarding their claimed chair, outlet AND powerstrip like Lindsay Lohan protecting her drug stash

— Cougar Comedian (@cougarcomedian) October 31, 2012

Never saw ppl bring a power strip to a fast food joint before to power multiple items at once.

— Cosmic Giggle(@Penchant4) October 31, 2012

Ha, decision to bring power strip w/ me to Panera Bread (only place with electric/wifi) has made me a very popular guy here. #StormAftermath

— Joe Charles (@joe_charles) October 31, 2012

Here are our top 10 Hurricane Sandy power outlet photos. Show us your strips!

New Yorkers resorting to wild measures to find power. ATM has become power strip free for all…

— Henderson Cole (@HendoSlice) October 31, 2012

a peek into my post #hurricanesandy survival pack complete with #powerstrip and #glosticks for walking the s

— alenanews (@alenanews) October 30, 2012

: Lmfaooo, using my car as a power source… #powerstrip #laptop #ipod #phone #kindle #hurricanesandy 😌

— Asmaa (@Judy_McQueer) October 30, 2012

How we stayed charged #powerstrip #sandy@ Home

— Sweet Sunshine (@sweethavoc75) October 31, 2012

Bring a powerstrip when venturing out to charge your electronics. It’s nice to share

— Dr. Susan Rubin (@DrSuRu) October 31, 2012

CNN’s satellite truck: A mobile charging station for those w/o power in Hoboken, NJ. @briantoddcnn reports next

— The Situation Room (@CNNSitRoom) October 31, 2012


making friends at an uptown Duane Reade (brought my powerstrip which is making me very popular for the folks

— Rachael Sage (@rachaelsage) October 31, 2012


From @nbcnewspictures : Look at all these people using the power strip in NYC #nyc #hurricanesandy #yousucks

— Tommy Hughes (FRR) (@FusionRockRadio) October 31, 2012


Sharing my power strip at ShopRite

— Meredith (@merpea) October 31, 2012


You know there’s no power in the city when this guy has a power strip plugged in at a random tree 😂#desperat

— Emily Green (@em_illy_green) October 31, 2012

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