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‘Today Show’ guest host Palin vs. Lauer on ‘lamestream media’!/TenishaCNN/status/187136923578531840

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Matt Lauer and Sarah Palin are trending on Twitter this morning as the former Alaska governor makes her ‘Today Show’ guest host debut. Palin is going up against Katie Couric on ‘Good Morning America’ in this week’s morning show showdown.

Palin began her appearance surrounded by piles of newspapers:

@ericbolling First camera shot of Palin with stacks of newspapers. Great response to Matt Loser's comments yesterday.

— Conservative (@StndStrng) April 3, 2012

Video: Palin mocks herself, reads newspapers to open "Today Show".

— Christian Heinze (@CPHeinze) April 3, 2012

True to form, Palin got in a dig at the “lamestream media.”

Palin is holding strong and tells Lauer the MSM is still the "LAMESTREAM MEDIA" !

— Mick Fisher (@MICK_A_PATRIOT) April 3, 2012

@snowed_in Loving our girl, Sarah #Palin as she puts the lamestream media in their place! #GameON #FightLikeAGirl

— Deb H. (@ShaneComeHome) April 3, 2012

Lauer attempted to frame Palin’s appearance as hypocritical:

Matt Lauer tells Palin she's "technically part of the lamestream media." #TodayTweets

— E McMorris-Santoro (@EvanMcSan) April 3, 2012

Supporters had a different take:

No, Matt Bilas, err Lauer, you don't understand what lamestream media is. LSM edits 911 tapes. Palin will never. Thus, she'll never be LSM.

— Tony J. Lee (@TheTonyLee) April 3, 2012

Predictably, Palin detractors delighted in bashing her for her “lamestream media” comment:

Sarah Palin takes guest gig on @todayshow then bashes "lamestream media". Like dinner guest who asks for seconds and insults food. #manners

— Melba Black (@eightasterisk) April 3, 2012

Sarah Palin: "The lamestream media is destroying America!" But she's happy to help it — for a price. #OpportunisticWhores #TodayShow

— Mrs. Betty Bowers (@BettyBowers) April 3, 2012!/luckyladyITP/status/187137491420184576

But Palin anticipated this criticism earlier this week, telling she was “‘going rogue’ and infiltrating some turf for a day.”

Perhaps Lauer should do a little more reading.

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