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This Sound Is Totally Explainable, But It’s Still Pretty Unsettling

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A natural phenomenon that just occurred in Israel has people worried that the apocalypse isn’t far away.

But don’t start giving away your stuff just yet, folks. Though many are interpreting this as a sign that the end of days is coming, there’s a simple scientific explanation.

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In Jerusalem recently, trumpet-like noises began sounding out, and they were accompanied by what some say looks like a ring of fire in the sky. According to the Book of Revelation in the Bible, the sound of seven trumpets will bring death and destruction upon us. But while the noises are definitely eerie, scientists say that they are simply the product of Earth’s natural radio emissions and not an apocalyptic omen.

It’s just our old buddy Earth talking to us!

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Does anyone else think that’s pretty cool? A little creepy, yes, but I bet it’s an awesome phenomenon to experience in person.

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