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This Makes All Other Pictures Of Food Look Boring. It’s Deliciously Creative.

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No, these photographs aren’t just beautiful and tastefully arranged pictures of food (although they are making me a little hungry). They are tiny dioramas set up and photographed by two artists named Pierre Javelle and Akiko Ida. The two photographers have always been drawn to food photography for different reasons, but they decided to take this normal medium and do something incredibly awesome with it. This is Minimiam.

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It seems like it’s normal food photography…

Until you look closer.

The two photographers set up tiny scenes using very, very little people and props.

The focus is always the food.

But they tend to get a little creative, too.

How could you not love a polar bear water skiing through marshmallows?Thi

THIS is the kind of photography I could stare at for hours.

Because nothing is better than food.

The best kind of photography always involves food (or puppies). Now, if only the next Minimiam series could involve puppies… Source: Share this article with your friends (just maybe not before lunch).

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