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This Artist Took His Childhood Doodles And Recreated Them In Spectacular Fashion. It’s Pretty Trippy.

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Children are like very small adults with over-active imaginations and under-developed motor skills, so it’s not uncommon to find them scribbling out their ideas on construction paper. Most of the time, what kids want to draw never ends up looking like what is actually drawn… OR DOES IT? Most adults assume that the messy images that end up on the paper aren’t what kids meant to draw. Dutch artist Telmo Pieper proved that sometimes childish doodles look more like finalized (and terrifying) works than we might originally think. He revisited some of the drawings he made as a child and “finished” them with his adult skills. The final result is borderline nightmarish.

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Originally, Telmo drew these years ago.

The simple sketches came out of the mind of a child…

But as an adult and professional muralist, Telmo finished the images.

As a result?

The sketches proved to be trippy, nightmarish examples of what a child can draw.

Maybe we can attribute these images to his poor motor skills as a kid.

Or maybe his mind was just able to come up with images like this naturally.

One thing is certain though…

I wouldn’t want to live in Little Telmo’s world.

It seems like a giant nightmare.

(Source: Telmo Pieper via Bored Panda) Telmo’s work with his old doodles is called Kiddie Arts. You can check out more of his work on his Facebook page or his Tumblr diary. This interesting experiment shows us sometimes the insane can be found in the mundane… and that you can, once again, never trust children. Share his awesome images with others by clicking on the Share button below.

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