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These Extreme Selfies Prove That Being A Narcissist Can Be Kind Of Great.

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Picture perfect moments are hard to come by. When an awesome moment presents itself, you better be able to snap a photo. However, if you want to make it truly perfect, you have to make sure you get in it yourself. “Selfies” are a trend that have swept the nation (and are probably here to stay). Selfies can be pretty annoying, too… unless you’re these people. They were able to take selfies that were so extreme, you’ll seriously never forget them (or understand how it happened). Don’t try this at home.

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How do you not get your head bitten off?

How do you remember to pull your parachute?

How do you think Jesus feels about this?

How do you fly like that?

How do you not puke?

How do you take a photo after your plane crashes?

How do you not hit any rocks?

How can you balance like that?

How did that not get chopped off by the choppers?

How did he get his friend in there too?

How do you even get on the field?

How do you not belly flop?

How do you not crash?

How do you even get up there?

How do you not die?

How do you even get that angle?

How did he get water phone insurance?

How do you land after this?

How do you not get stung?

How do you not fall off?

How can you hold on to that?

How do you…how do…how?

I feel inspired to up my selfie game. No more ordinary office and mirror pictures for me! (Now, I just need to train to become an astronaut…)

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