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These Are The 21 Loneliest People In The World. So Hilariously Sad.

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There are certain people in this world destined to spend their life alone. Forever. Mathematically speaking, the odds just aren’t in favor of everyone finding their perfect soul mate. It’s not really surprising. No matter how many dating sites you join or apps you download, it really never seems to work out, does it? Well, I’m sorry to say, you might as well face it: you’re forever alone.

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1. Well this is unfortunate…

2. Aloha loneliness.

3. This guy gets points for trying.

4. Andy-kun gets even more points for REALLY trying.

5. It’s important to make others feel guilty for leaving you out.

6. It probably won’t help you be more included, though.

7. This Lars has found himself a “real” girl.

8. Maybe he’s just pacing himself…

9. Fake it til ya make it.

10. You know who your true love is, anyway.

11. All alone in a stadium. That’s depressing for so many reasons.

12. Prom dates are overrated anyway.

13. He found his section…for life.

14. Get used to it, kid.

15. This is probably a pretty effective method.

16. Is he tricking us, or himself?

17. Busted!

18. This hot date doesn’t even seem that interested in being there.

19. Taylor understands your pain.

20. As if being alone at a wedding wasn’t bad enough…

21. If all else fails, just get creative. And shameless.

(via eBaum’s World.) Guess if you can’t beat ’em, and can’t join ’em, all that’s left to do is embrace it. Share these shameless sadsacks with your friends by clicking the link below!

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