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There’s Something In This Peaceful Picture That You Don’t Realize. When You See It…OMG.

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This looks like a peaceful farmhouse. It looks like a nearby field is softly draped in fog or snow. But the truth is actually terrifying: these lands have been completely taken over by millions and millions of spiders. Fight the urge to burn your own house down as you read this.

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Terrible flooding throughout Australia has caused more than 13,000 people to evacuate their homes.

Unfortunately, people weren’t the only ones evacuating. Spiders are also running for the hills, causing farmlands to be literally covered in their webs.

It looks like snow, but it’s the worst thing you could ever imagine.

Each cluster of webbing is literally filled to the brim with tiny flood victims.

It’s hard to go anywhere without getting a face-full of spider.

Once the flooding along the riverbanks goes down, the spiders should return home.

Either that, or farmers will have to start buying flamethrowers in bulk.

Why these farmers just haven’t burned down their barns and moved to New Zealand, we have no idea.

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