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The Most Beautiful Day Of His Life Made Him A Single Father. How It Happened Is Heartwrenching.

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Hayley Constable and her partner Martin Fitzpatrick were so happy when their son was born. It was a year after Hayley miscarried. She had to have a C-section, but the baby boy Alfie was healthy.

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Within the next five days, Hayley went through a terrible sequence of a events that lead to her death – both doctors and her family were in complete disbelief.

Martin and Alfie are all alone. Martin is struggling to be a single father while Aflie doesn’t understand why he doesn’t have a mother.

A year after having a miscarriage, Hayley and Martin were thrilled to witness the birth of their little boy Aflie via C-section.

During the Caesarean section at the hospital, everything went fine. Alfie was healthy and normal. But a week after the surgery, Hayley fell ill.

She was experiencing extreme abdominal pain; the scar from the C-section became infected. There was swelling around the wound and eventually her pain worsened to the point of going back to the hospital.

Despite being given antibiotics, Hayley’s condition deteriorated. She was allergic to penicillin, so the doctors were restricted to other antibiotics for the infection. Soon, she was experiencing respiratory distress and was put on a ventilator. She passed away soon after.

Martin gave up his job as a newspaper sales executive to look after his son. Alfie is now over two years-old, old enough to ask why he doesn’t have a mom like other kids.

Although the family thinks the hospital is at fault for not treating the infection, doctors say her death was due to an extremely rare set of complications that caused respiratory failure and a stroke.

Other doctors have never seen a sequence of events lead to a death in this way – especially so quickly.

It seems there was nothing doctors could do to save Hayley’s life. Her condition worsened so quickly and the variables were just right… leading to her death only a week after giving birth.

Alfie and Martin must soldier on, no matter how painful it is knowing that a beautiful wife and mother was stolen from them.


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