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The Man Dove Head First Into A Wave… And The Result Will Drop Your Jaw. AMAZING.

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Surf photographer Clark Little has garnered nearly one million followers on Instagram with his amazing photographs of breaking waves. Unlike most pictures that you’ll see of giant waves crashing down, these are not taken safely from the shoreline, but smack in the middle of all the action. With his bravery, Little brings us the hidden beauty of being swallowed up by wind and water. Check out his breathtaking work!

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1.) An experienced surfer, Clark Little began taking pictures of waves in 2007, when his wife requested one to hang on their bedroom wall.

5.) Since then, his work has been exhibited all over the world.

10.) And featured in all sorts of magazines and television programs.

15.) Which probably comes as no surprise…

20.) because these are extraordinary.


30.) Or just, like, appreciate it.

34.) Look! The ocean loves his work too.

35.) They even had a fin meetup.

(H/T Reshareworthy) Those are some unbelievable shots! As much as I’d love to see the man in action, I hope he’s not around next time I head to the beach. I have a tendency to lose my trunks in the surf. Share this incredible surf photography using the button below.

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