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Welcome To The Season Of Adorably Pudgy Squirrels Preparing For Winter!

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The air’s getting chilly and, in some parts of the United States, snow is beginning to fall. That means a few things: the holidays are coming, it’s time to sit inside and binge-watch Netflix…and all of the neighborhood squirrels will be adorably pudgy as they get ready for the cold weather. 1. Seriously, how can […]


What Would You Do If You Came Home To Find 102 Snakes In Your Basement?

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Earlier this week, a family in Saskatchewan, Canada got the surprise of a lifetime when they came home to find their house invaded by snakes. Somehow, over 100 garter snakes found their way inside the family’s home. The snakes were looking to escape the plunging temperatures outside and begin hibernating for the winter. I’m not […]