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She Thought She Was Meeting A Celeb, But She Didn’t See The Next Surprise Coming

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As the producer of a nightly television show, it’s your job to make sure everything goes according to plan. When Jimmy Fallon and his guest Dwayne Johnson went off script, “Tonight Show” producer Katrina had no idea what would happen next. As Fallon and Johnson scoured the audience looking to give a surprise to a […]


Awesome Son Surprises His Father With A Gift Of A Lifetime: His Dream Car.

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Larry Benson has an incredible emotional attachment to his dream car, a 1953 Hudson Hornet. So, when his son Aaron surprised him with one, he was overcome with emotion. (It was an incredible moment.) Larry spent some of his most beloved childhood memories in his family’s Hudson as they used to travel in the car […]


Woman Shares Some Amazing News With Her Grandparents During A Silly Guessing Game

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Toni Marie and her husband decided to break the great news to her grandparents that they were pregnant with their first baby by making them do the whisper challenge during a visit. (The game involves participants wearing headphones with loud music on and then guessing what the other people are saying.) The adorable pair made […]