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How Your Favorite Household Items And Appliances Have Evolved Over The Past 100 Years

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For the last decade, it seems that every day has resulted in an awesome new invention. Not only are new gadgets being created constantly, but other incredible discoveries are occurring, as well. Deep brain stimulation could help people with Parkinson’s live normal lives. Advancements in virtual reality could help people explore places they never thought […]


This New Discovery Suggests That Life On Earth Could End Before April Is Over

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How do you think the world will finally end? Nuclear war? Global warming? Maybe not. We updated you a few months ago about the discovery of Planet Nine, but now, researcher Daniel Whitmire formerly from the University of Louisiana thinks that there’s a good chance our planet could be destroyed by that exact planet, since […]


‘Quick, get out your chainsaws!’ Could reforestation actually be ‘making climate change worse’?

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Hey … wait a second! But… but … but: Youve heard it before: Deforestation is a major contributor to climate change. To put it simply, trees store carbon, preventing it from entering the atmospherewhich means there are fewer greenhouse gases screwing with Earths climate. And, broadly speaking, thats true.Planting trees is good for the planet. […]


Here Are A Few Reasons Why Chocolate Might Actually Make You Smarter

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When it comes to satisfying the ol’ sweet tooth, chocolate is always a good choice. The only downside is that we’re conditioned to feel terrible about indulging in decadent desserts. We’ve all heard people throwing around facts about how chocolate has health benefits, but one recent study just solidified that idea. This is very, very […]


This Dog Looks Like He’s Wearing Face Paint, But He’s Actually Just Super Special

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Rowdy is just like any other black lab. He’s playful, sweet, and loves going to the park. But Rowdy is also very unique. He looks like he’s wearing a mask on his face, but it’s no cute costume…the old dog has vitiligo. The rare, non-lethal skin condition affects the body’s pigmentation. While the 13-year-old boy […]


A Fight Broke Out Between 6 Bulldozers, And It’s About As Awesome As You’d Think

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When two competing construction companies in China tried to settle a dispute over a job, instead of being civil, they opted for the “let’s take things outside” route… While that might sound pretty harmless too, things escalated quickly…because they were using their bulldozers instead of their fists. The result is pretty much what would happen […]


This Is Why You Don’t Fight A Magnesium Fire With Water

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Just ask any firefighter and they’ll tell you that magnesium fires are no joke and they can lead to some serious injuries and destruction of property. Magnesium is a combustible metal that’s becoming more and more common in our everyday lives. Typically, there is not enough magnesium in our devices to pose a threat, but […]


5 Things We Know About Categories (And Why We Like Them)

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Are you a cat or dog person? Find out what these categories mean with last week’s episode of NPR’s Invisibilia, one of iTunes’ top podcasts. View this image › Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed For their six-part podcast, Invisibilia hosts Alix Spiegel and Lulu Miller examine the invisible stuff that shapes us. Are you more of […]


5 Times Scientists Have Suspiciously Died After Making Big Discoveries

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Okay, say you’re the leader of a country and a few scientists discover something that could change the world. You could bribe the researchers to keep their mouths shut, but wouldn’t it be easier just to kill them? I’m not saying that this happens a lot, but there has definitely been some shadiness afoot over […]


Thanks To One Artist, We Can Now Watch The Sunset From Every Other Planet

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googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTAT_ATF’); }); People spend hours lying in yards on summer nights and traveling to far-flung nations around the world to bear witness to something that has a way of grounding everyone who sees it. And it’s something in which we all find comfort as life winds down every night. How many sunsets have […]