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D’OH! Sally Kohn accidentally ADMITS Obamacare was ‘rushed and crammed through Congress’

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We’re pretty sure this tweet didn’t work out the way Sally thought it would … Hey anyone else remember when Republicans were screaming about Obama's lack of transparency and crammed through health care bill!?!?!?!? — Sally Kohn (@sallykohn) June 22, 2017 // Umm, did she just admit that Obamacare was crammed down our throats?! Whoa. […]


Sally Kohn seeks specifics (from GOP) on how to handle Ukraine crisis

, , , ,!/sallykohn/status/440653517993545729 Asking for a friend, huh? We have an official photo showing that President Obama spent 90 minutes on the phone with Russian President Vladimir Putin, although rumor has it he was on hold for the first 87. But what would Republicans have him do, huh? Sally Kohn needs a specific answer; until then, stop […]