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Here’s A Shocking Reminder Of How Far We’ve Come. These 14 Ads Would Never Run Today.

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Check out these extremely offensive vintage advertisements from the 50s. Each and every one of them would be banned today. Well, by “banned” I mean, “no one in their right mind would do this today.” Which kinda got me thinking, I wonder if any of today’s ads will be viewed as ridiculously offensive 60 years […]


13 Phrases From “Puberty Blues” You Need In Your Life Right Now

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Rack off, ya fish-face moll. Puberty Blues is an iconic Australian movie (and book and TV show) that forever immortalised the ~youth culture~ of the late ’70s/early ’80s, including the glorious slang. We think it’s time for some to make a comeback… 1. Ban “fair dinkum”. Say goodbye to “strewth”. “Deadset” is the only true […]