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People aren’t buying what Obama’s selling during Small Business Week

, ,!/BarackObama/status/466224139787726848 Organizing for Action — the keepers of the official, verified @BarackObama Twitter account — tweeted the President’s message for Small Business Week, along with a month old photo of him visiting a small business.!/botimer/status/466232490286665729 Strangely, Obama actually kicked off this week giving a speech at a big business (Walmart) about green energy – a business […]


Did Obama perform the #LatteSalute with a Styrofoam cup?

, , , ,!/DennisDMZ/status/514574497006247936 We can’t confirm that the president was indeed drinking his beverage out of a Styrofoam cup, but if so, oh the hypocrisy — it burns! Obama's 'Styrofoam cup salute' provokes Republican outrage — The Independent (@Independent) September 24, 2014 You have to carry the dog off the helicopter. You don't have to […]


Sally Kohn seeks specifics (from GOP) on how to handle Ukraine crisis

, , , ,!/sallykohn/status/440653517993545729 Asking for a friend, huh? We have an official photo showing that President Obama spent 90 minutes on the phone with Russian President Vladimir Putin, although rumor has it he was on hold for the first 87. But what would Republicans have him do, huh? Sally Kohn needs a specific answer; until then, stop […]


New York Times proud that Obama ‘has become a leader’

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We haven’t yet seen Sunday’s print edition of the New York Times, but the website is almost fully devoted to the climate change agreement reached in Paris. The headline has changed a bit since this screenshot was taken, but the idea is the same: “For Mr. Obama, the agreement represents a legacy-shaping success, destined to […]


‘Literally LOL’d!’ What was Jimmy Fallon’s FLOTUS, funeral selfie prediction?

, , , , ,!/harveststyles/status/408459745209884672 Speaking of selfies, comedian Jimmy Fallon weighed in on the President Funeral Selfie kerfuffle. As Twitchy reported, the New York Post epically slammed the president for the selfie at the memorial for Nelson Mandela. Mrs. Obama was also not amused. What is amusing? Fallon’s prediction: Michelle looked pretty mad when Barack took that selfie […]