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D’OH! Sally Kohn accidentally ADMITS Obamacare was ‘rushed and crammed through Congress’

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We’re pretty sure this tweet didn’t work out the way Sally thought it would … Hey anyone else remember when Republicans were screaming about Obama's lack of transparency and crammed through health care bill!?!?!?!? — Sally Kohn (@sallykohn) June 22, 2017 // Umm, did she just admit that Obamacare was crammed down our throats?! Whoa. […]


Stephen King: Obamacare critics are anti-science loons, or something

, , ,!/StephenKing/status/446023370518573056 Earlier today, Stephen King tweeted that the insurance companies would love to see the Affordable Care Act repealed and replaced by — brace yourselves — the Unaffordable Care Act. Helpful Twitter folk  who haven’t saved that $2,500 they were told about tried to explain that Obamacare is the Unaffordable Care Act. King’s rejoinder? Right […]


PEOPLE WILL DIE! Tom Perez goes ‘Poltergeist 2’ over AHCA, gets slammed by DEMOCRATS

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IF THE GOP HEALTH BILL PASSES YOU’RE ALL GONNA DIE! DOGS AND CATS, LIVING TOGETHER, MASS HYSTERIA! The GOP health care bill has real consequences, not just political ones. We're talking about people who could die if this bill passes. — Tom Perez (@TomPerez) May 4, 2017 // Settle down, drama queen, sheesh (apologies to […]


New York Times proud that Obama ‘has become a leader’

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We haven’t yet seen Sunday’s print edition of the New York Times, but the website is almost fully devoted to the climate change agreement reached in Paris. The headline has changed a bit since this screenshot was taken, but the idea is the same: “For Mr. Obama, the agreement represents a legacy-shaping success, destined to […]