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Obama keeps reporters waiting over an hour for press conference

, , ,!/CuffyMeh/status/497141736498798593 It’s not exactly breaking news when President Obama is late for a press conference. The guy has the same respect for other people’s time as he does for the Constitution after all. The frustration played out in real time today as Obama kept reporters waiting for more than an hour today. It forced Fox News […]


Cold war, hot damn: Andrea Mitchell flogged with her own words [video]

,!/mariano965/status/493940583413477377 Yes, indeed! Andrea Mitchell seems to have conveniently “forgotten” that, however.!/mitchellreports/status/493900437087870976 Who could have possibly said that?!!/hale_razor/status/494150434106273792 And his lackeys, including Ms. Mitchell.!/Astonvillausa/status/493901607596064768!/1979amish/status/494153328041791488!/WrongNowShutUp/status/494109210850762752 Ask and ye shall receive!!/BashDashovi/status/494128158640050178 Ouch! That has to smart. Read more:


D’OH! Sally Kohn accidentally ADMITS Obamacare was ‘rushed and crammed through Congress’

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We’re pretty sure this tweet didn’t work out the way Sally thought it would … Hey anyone else remember when Republicans were screaming about Obama's lack of transparency and crammed through health care bill!?!?!?!? — Sally Kohn (@sallykohn) June 22, 2017 // Umm, did she just admit that Obamacare was crammed down our throats?! Whoa. […]


‘Price is Right’ fans outraged by Obama interruption

, ,!/Danijeltadic72/status/490167898779181056 Obviously, these people have their priorities straight:!/RachAriel/status/490165000208941056!/LorWagner/status/490168400555945984!/PaulIzzo2/status/490167471715123201!/_JolieFilleX/status/490167010664677376!/Marcus_Rhoades/status/490165690230661120!/JessicaStein108/status/490165586794909697!/iJennywalker/status/490163657540530176!/cnettnin/status/490164456228659200!/LaurenBailes/status/490164347016974337!/ThanProntoComo/status/490164097011302400!/MarkPhilipTurn2/status/490164766019551233 Smart take.   Read more:


‘Glad that plane thing is over’! Obama discusses his love of guacamole

, ,!/NoahCRothman/status/490172828483067904 President Obama followed up yesterday’s lackluster remarks on the #MH17 disaster with a brief press conference this afternoon. On both occasions, his delivery smacked of boredom. But today, instead of perking up in time to crack jokes about those stupid, pigheaded Republicans before jetting off to headline fundraisers, it was the Kids’ State Dinner that got him […]


These #ISISBumperStickers make great airstrike targets

, , ,!/iowahawkblog/status/498963246469361664 As the U.S. continues its airstrikes against ISIS in northern Iraq, here’s a tip: if an up-armored Humvee is sporting one of these #ISISBumperStickers, you’re probably over the target.!/Major_Skidmark/status/498963576669741056!/nw_allen/status/498963856748998656!/iowahawkblog/status/498963964492275712!/EF517_V2/status/498963973879115777!/911fnp/status/498964220655181824 @iowahawkblog I Brake for Beheadings #ISISbumperstickers— Cristina OliveTree (@c_deolive) August 11, 2014!/recoveringlibrl/status/498964489232842752!/TheRealMcKeever/status/498964660293357568!/Orwells_Dilemma/status/498964666962284544!/TheRealMcKeever/status/498964792351014913!/RightGlockMom/status/498964831886921728!/Orwells_Dilemma/status/498964905504931840!/ejgallagher1/status/498965051370270721 "Obama […]


Obama: Boehner will ‘sue me for doing my job’; Urged to check news reports

,!/winstoncoolidge/status/482575338338537473 In Minnesota today, President Obama complained of John Boehner’s declared intention to initiate a lawsuit against him for his use of certain executive actions:!/redsteeze/status/482548154739347456 Well, technically…!/ZoomZanne/status/482548893083635712 Obama has also called the possible Boehner lawsuit a “stunt.” Obama is aware of this, isn’t he?!/allahpundit/status/482575089469120512 The Supreme Court ruled yesterday that not everything […]


This Is The Damage A Presidential Term Or Two Can Do. Look At Those Wrinkles!

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No one said being President of the United States was an easy job. As the President, you work 24/7, and have to make decisions that impact the lives of millions (and sometimes billions) of people. That’s pretty darn stressful. It’s no wonder that presidents leave the White House with more than their fair share of wrinkles […]


Obama signs Iron Dome aid package, ‘agrees to murder innocent kids’

, , ,!/troodler/status/496435433681993728 President Obama on Monday signed a bill that will provide an additional $225 million in funding for Israel’s Iron Dome anti-missile defense system.!/ZekeJMiller/status/496415952377249793!/joevaid/status/496419975784304640 It wasn’t a one-man effort.!/markknoller/status/496413334262927360 Congress might have approved the bill last week, but as much as people say they want Obama and Congress to work together, plenty […]