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He Bought Food For Street Kids, But When The Bill Came, He Was Shocked By The Price!

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It’s not every day that you come across someone quite as selfless as Akhilesh Kumar. At first glance, he’s just an average tech sales engineer at a Dubai-based company. But on a recent trip to India for work, he stopped into Hotel Sabrina for a relaxing meal after a long day of meetings. What happened […]


A Bus Driver In Sweden Ditched his Bus With All The Passengers Inside. You Gotta See Why.

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When André Grandin, a bus driver in Sweden, suddenly made an unexpected stop and ditched his bus with passengers still inside no one complained. André interrupted the bus journey between Vara and Lidkoping in southern Sweden when he saw 10-year-old Emilia Behrendtz crying at the side of the road. After comforting the poor crying girl, […]


These 17 Good Deeds Prove That Kindness Is Still Alive And Well

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Over the course of a normal day, we’re a lot of things. We’re stressed, we’re tired, and we’re just trying to get by. But how often are we kind? Probably not as often as we should be. Life is hard, and it’s easy to get so caught up in day-to-day stress that we close ourselves […]