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Driver Thought He Was Tough With His Bat But Quickly Realized He Was Outgunned

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In Israel, a road rage incident stripped a driver of his dignity…and his baseball bat! Everyone gets a little road rage now and then, but failure to control your emotions on the road can result in dangerous and even life-threatening situations. At worst, most of us say a few swear words and go on about […]


Obama signs Iron Dome aid package, ‘agrees to murder innocent kids’

, , ,!/troodler/status/496435433681993728 President Obama on Monday signed a bill that will provide an additional $225 million in funding for Israel’s Iron Dome anti-missile defense system.!/ZekeJMiller/status/496415952377249793!/joevaid/status/496419975784304640 It wasn’t a one-man effort.!/markknoller/status/496413334262927360 Congress might have approved the bill last week, but as much as people say they want Obama and Congress to work together, plenty […]


‘My new hero’! Joan Rivers shames Gaza apologists in pro-Israel rant [video]

, , ,!/scrowder/status/492708917827608576 And you’ve gotta respect this:!/newclasstraitor/status/492707517290401792 Sadly, many celebs who choose to weigh in on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict wind up blaming Israel for Hamas’ terrorism. But Rivers’ impassioned defense of the Israeli people puts all the Gaza apologists to shame.!/zhanover/status/492708587027066880!/JeffSchicke/status/492705778780733440!/irish_queene/status/492708452905390080!/TrainerGloria/status/492707655736360960!/mVespa1/status/492709299723194368 That goes for Howard Stern, too:!/Rare/status/492646881885831168 More like this, […]


John Kerry’s ‘raw hypocrisy’ on Israel caught by a hot mic [video]

, ,!/thegoldfarb/status/490848389530001408 Hot mics are especially dangerous for leftists because they can catch true feelings and attitudes in a seemingly private moment.!/HeyTammyBruce/status/490896449300082688 Quite a juxtaposition.!/kesgardner/status/490923888222543872!/redsteeze/status/490902437666889730 Indeed it is. Read more: