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Chuck Todd weighs in on Podesta remarks, slams WH hypocrisy; Lefties get mad

, , , , ,!/air_en/status/413354922797989888 It may be hard to believe, but sometimes, even Chuck Todd gets it right. He’s one of the handful in the MSM who’s not OK with John Podesta’s likening of the GOP to the Jonestown cult:!/chucktodd/status/413352765348646912 Bingo. But as refreshing as it may be for conservatives to see someone like Todd admit that […]


Why do ‘liberals hate school choice’? Let’s ask Samantha Bee and her hubby!

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Every white SJW is just projecting their bigotry onto others in hopes you won't look too closely at them. — EducatdHillbilly (@RobProvince) May 1, 2017 // Last summer, Slate published a piece on a school integration fight ragingin New York City: The Upper West Side is another place where the rights of rich parents […]


‘Too insane’: Salon shares reason ‘white men must be stopped’ (Bonus: Meet the author)

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If so, it’s tied with many, many other Salon stories: Salon re-upped the December article because apparently they didn’t think enough people got a chance to mock it: But wait, there’s an even better, more hilarious high-kick finish: #MicDrop Read more: