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‘Standing on your heads’? NYT finds the ‘upshot’ in Hillary’s plummeting poll numbers –

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Leave it to The New York Times to find a silver lining in Hillary’scolossal suckage: It’s still good! It’s still good! Bless their hearts. You know what the upshot is for us? We’ve now got yet another reason to mock the Times. Read more:


Puh-LEEZE! Louise Mensch knows EXACTLY who robbed Hillary of ‘victory that she deserved’

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Louise Mensch is among those continuing to lament Hillary Clinton’s election loss: @MelissaJPeltier @SwissTriple_M @RepSwalwell @fwdcrocblu Hillary deserved better — Louise Mensch (@LouiseMensch) April 14, 2017 // A reality check ensued: @LouiseMensch Hillary should have BEEN better. @MelissaJPeltier @SwissTriple_M @RepSwalwell @fwdcrocblu — Jay Caruso (@JayCaruso) April 14, 2017 // Uh oh, that comment opened a […]


Jon Lovitz schools Hillary Clinton with a reminder about job creation

, ,!/AccidentLawyer1/status/526056359700471808 As Twitchy reported yesterday, Hillary Clinton was speaking at an event in Massachusetts where she claimed that corporations and businesses don’t create jobs, which is why the minimum wage needs to be increased, or something. She also equated the belief that businesses create jobs with “trickle-down economics,” which has been “tried” and “failed,” according […]


Mitt Romney hangs with Mark Cuban, Peyton Manning

, , , ,!/Brigette912/status/477624496564621312 This weekend is the E2 (Experts and Enthusiasts) Summit in Park City, Utah, where Mitt Romney will meet with other Republican leaders and donors.!/mylifeback/status/477620850481328128!/golovashkina/status/477621742052319232!/QueenSharon84/status/477622693907693568!/Breethelion/status/477624697815707648!/Brigette912/status/477625040666501121 Also attending were Chris Christie, Susana Martinez, Mike Huckabee, Rep. Paul Ryan and Sens. Rob Portman and Rand Paul. Read more:


Judge grants motion for discovery into Clinton’s email server

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Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders never tires of telling audiences that the average donation to his campaign is only $27, and sometimesit seems like his supporters have overpaid. Does he really want to win? Sanders famously interrupted the first Democratic debate to express how sick and tired he was of hearing about Clinton’s “damn emails.” […]


Gov. Greg Abbott jinxes Hillary Clinton


A few days ago, Texas Governor Greg Abbott was in the news when a staffer in his office accidentally tweeted out a premature congratulatory message to the Houston Astros for winning the first round of the Major League playoffs. The Astros were up on Kansas City 6-2 and two innings away from a victory at […]