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‘Not so subtle’: David Axelrod has stinging campaign criticism for (guess who)

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The Clintons are reportedly “dissatisfied with their campaigns messaging and digital operations” and are considering a staff shakeup after the New Hampshire primary. Without mentioning any names, David Axelrod seems to be referencing that story: Hmm, who could Axelrod be talking about? Feel that Bern, Team Hillary? Read more:


‘Get your bets in’! Joe Biden levels criticism at Bernie and Hillary

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Will Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton interpret this as footsteps approaching from behind? In the interview, Biden criticized Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders for downplaying the “economic recovery under Barack Obama.” Any consensus on what that means, other than that Biden’s been listening to the administration’s bogus narrative way too much? Read more:


‘This is horrifying’: Pollster Frank Luntz releases favorability ratings

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Correction: The title of this post has been changed to reflect that the polling data cited comes from a YouGov poll and not Frank Luntz’ organization. Text within the post stating that the data was from a Frank Luntz poll has also been corrected to cite the correct source of the information. The original title […]


On running for president, Hillary in Iowa says, ‘I’m thinking about it’

, , , , ,!/MarkHalperin/status/511261367496880128 Hillary Clinton, one half of the — ahem — “comeback couple,” hinted at Sen. Tom Harkin’s steak fry in Iowa Sunday that she is considering a run for president in 2016. A shocker, we know. Happening Now: @HillaryClinton at #HarkinSteakFry – LIVE on C-SPAN — CSPAN (@cspan) September 14, 2014 "Hello, Iowa!" […]


How awkward will the Hillary/Obama hug be? This awkward [photo]

, ,!/DahmPublishing/status/499513388847104000 As Twitchy reported, Hillary Clinton plans to “hug it out” with President Obama after slamming his “stupid policy.” Even more awkward than her ludicrous phrasing? The upcoming hug itself.!/alex_mallin/status/499307968480157696 Oh dear. We suspect it will be even more awkward, which is saying something. Just how awkward will it be?!/VodkaPundit/status/499330697396367360 Never change, Twitter. […]


Journalist concerned by reporter pens missed Hillary’s rodeo

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As Twitchy reported earlier, journalists in particular are giving very serious thought to the violent smack-down of a TIME photographer by a Secret Service agent providing security at a Donald Trump rally Monday, with some predicting that “real violence” at a Trump event is inevitable before this campaign cycle is finished. After seeing the video, […]