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Let’s Be Honest With Ourselves: If All Brands Told the Truth, They’d Say This.

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There’s some degree of shadiness and dishonesty associated advertising industry, it’s true. Wouldn’t it be refreshing if companies just told the truth about their products? Unfortunately, we rarely see this nowadays. If we did, we have a feeling it’d go a little something like this: 1.) At least it’s not “Slim-Slow” Honest Slogans 2.) Well, […]


When You Let Dad Play On The Playground, No Good Can Come Of It

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Dads are notorious for being bumbling, adorable creatures. I mean, just ask any sitcom writer under the sun. Dads just can’t catch a break, but hey, at least they’re trying. These dads just want to hang with their kids on the playground. At first, they’re just doing their parental duties by keeping their kids entertained […]