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These Mysterious Photos Of Twins Are Oddly Haunting. They’ll Stay In Your Memory.

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French photographer Olivier Ramonteu is known for his haunting and visually stunning photographs, and one of his latest series does not disappoint. The Alter Ego series explores the theme of the double with ghostly images of people and their “doubles.” To create these photographs, Ramonteu used modern and traditional photo techniques like multi-exposure, photo duplication, and digital manipulation. He […]


3D Printing Isn’t Always Perfect. But, Sometimes It’s Better When It Messes Up.

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Mathieu Schmitt is a French artist who works with 3D printed models in a way you might not expect. 3D printing is the process of creating a physical three dimensional object by applying successive, thin layers of material. Most 3D printers use a form of plastic to do this. Because computers control 3D printers, Schmitt […]