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MacCallum: School canceled at sign of ‘1st snowflake’ but not for Ebola?

, ,!/countryokie1/status/518006380683206656 A man from Liberia remains hospitalized with Ebola in Dallas, Texas, the people in an apartment where he had been staying are being quarantined (kind of), and about 100 people who had contact with the infected man are being monitored. What about area schools? Martha MacCallum had a priorities question: Explain to me why […]


Obama is open to an ‘Ebola Czar’; Has to be reminded he already HAS ONE

, , ,!/ErinBurnett/status/522896921074352128 Just in: For the first time the President just expressed an openness to possibility of appointing an #Ebola czar — Ed Henry (@edhenryTV) October 16, 2014 Oh, well then. An Ebola Czar, like Sen. McCain desired on Sunday. OK, then … except, you know, what about this? So, what does HHS Asst Sec Nicole […]


Would more money have produced Ebola vaccine? No scientific consensus

, , ,!/samsteinhp/status/523846541795000320 [email protected] Someone should really tell Sam Stein and Huff Post about that. — S.M (@redsteeze) October 19, 2014 Apparently there isn’t a scientific consensus about whether additional funding would have produced an Ebola vaccine by now. “Science is unpredictable” after all. (This is why we know with utmost certainty that humans are changing the […]


NBC cameraman tests positive for Ebola; Dr Nancy Snyderman quarantined

, , , , , , ,!/615News/status/517848438562902016 An NBC cameraman working in Liberia is now the fourth American to test positive for the Ebola virus. American cameraman working for NBC News in Liberia has tested positive for #Ebola, the network says. — CNN Breaking News (@cnnbrk) October 3, 2014 NBC News cameraman in Liberia is fourth American to test positive […]


Rick Perry addresses Fort Hood soldiers headed to Africa [photos]

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Best line of the day. Sgt. Tells kids he's building hospitals in Africa. Kids say daddy's a hero — Grant Hermes (@GrantHermes) October 9, 2014 Texas Gov. Rick Perry visited with U.S. Army soldiers at Fort Hood who are being deployed to West Africa to provide support for efforts to prevent the spread of Ebola: […]