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#Oscars viewers try to figure out what’s with John Travolta’s hair [pics]

, , , ,!/alexpardee/status/440374236939448320 John Travolta botched an introduction at the Academy Awards, but many viewers were way too distracted by his hair to give the verbal slip-up too much notice:!/LanceUlanoff/status/440338202914983936!/Norm_Farrell/status/440365787849568256!/ashleefrazier/status/440339524766687232 Travolta’s hair had a very, um, synthetic appearance.!/ChrisStigall/status/440346173719588864!/Gucci80/status/440368497617821696 Unannounced awards:!/FakeBriWilliams/status/440369450655555585 It was possibly the funky hair that made Travolta pronounce the […]


‘WE’RE ENGAGEDDD!!!’: Katherine Webb tweets pic of engagement ring

, , , ,!/_KatherineWebb/status/449708940129865728 They’re engaged! Model Katherine Webb and former Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron are going to tie the knot.!/JeffKalligheri/status/449710179366346752!/NOTSCWill/status/449710309893500928 We’d almost forgotten about that Brent Musburger incident.!/AJIsTheReal/status/449713269003927552!/RyanBrownWJOX/status/449714858510929920 Here’s the ring.!/ZackTN/status/449711899031388161 Read more:


Dana Loesch’s #PiersMorganRangeDay honors former host [pics]

, , , ,!/DLoesch/status/449732260015525889 As Twitchy reported, Friday marked the last-ever “Piers Morgan Live,” and Ol’ Musket Morgan signed off with yet another ill-defined call for some sort of comprehensive gun control. Dana Loesch, a former guest on Morgan’s show, promised a multi-gun salute Saturday to the former CNN host.!/DLoesch/status/449768544251559936 #PiersMorganRangeDay? A lot of people are going […]