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‘Not so subtle’: David Axelrod has stinging campaign criticism for (guess who)

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The Clintons are reportedly “dissatisfied with their campaigns messaging and digital operations” and are considering a staff shakeup after the New Hampshire primary. Without mentioning any names, David Axelrod seems to be referencing that story: Hmm, who could Axelrod be talking about? Feel that Bern, Team Hillary? Read more:


D’oh! Jason Alexander swings at Trump, clocks Bill Clinton (and Obama!) right in the KISSER

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Yikes, this didn’t go well for Jason Alexander. Or Bill Clinton. Or Barack Obama. Say what u will about any past Prez, but we have never before put such a low-brow, low-life ass in the White House. He makes fools of us all — jason alexander (@IJasonAlexander) June 29, 2017 // Never before, eh? Really […]