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This Is The Damage A Presidential Term Or Two Can Do. Look At Those Wrinkles!

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No one said being President of the United States was an easy job. As the President, you work 24/7, and have to make decisions that impact the lives of millions (and sometimes billions) of people. That’s pretty darn stressful. It’s no wonder that presidents leave the White House with more than their fair share of wrinkles […]


Obama is open to an ‘Ebola Czar’; Has to be reminded he already HAS ONE

, , ,!/ErinBurnett/status/522896921074352128 Just in: For the first time the President just expressed an openness to possibility of appointing an #Ebola czar — Ed Henry (@edhenryTV) October 16, 2014 Oh, well then. An Ebola Czar, like Sen. McCain desired on Sunday. OK, then … except, you know, what about this? So, what does HHS Asst Sec Nicole […]