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These Little Known, But Crazy, Google Facts Prove They’re Going To Take Over The World.

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Google is now one of the most powerful, influential and far-reaching companies this country (maybe even this planet) has ever produced. We’ve already established that the multi-billion dollar company will be our supreme overlords, so we might as well learn something about them. Here are some crazy interesting facts about the company. Some of this is […]


If You Love Reading, You Have To Check Out This DIY Bookshelf-Chair

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I have always loved books — when I was a kid, I would walk to the library daily because I read through them so fast. And though I was happy with reading in any spot in my house, it would have been so cool to have my own chair just for that purpose. That’s why, […]


This Artist Creates Gorgeous Sculptures That Blend Animals And Nature.

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These sculptures by Chinese artist Wang Ruilin would be impressive solely based on their near life-sized and incredibly detailed depictions of whales, deer, oxen and more, but he adds an extra dash of surrealism. Each animal features elements of nature blending into their bodies. Rocks, landforms and clouds emerge from their backs and antlers to create a […]