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Nope, These Aren’t Photographs. I Don’t Even Know What’s Real Anymore.

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CJ Hendry is not a photographer, despite what you might think when you first see her work. She creates larger than life reproductions of real objects… all by hand. The black and white images are formed with scribbles from several felt-tip pens that, once finished, perfectly capture every detail of the item. Wow. Your brain is probably […]


The Mind-Bending Works Of This Artist Seem Impossible… Take A Closer Look.

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Fannette Guilloud is a 22-year-old photographer who is based out of Paris, France, and Berlin, Germany. In their “Geometrie de l’Impossible” series, she challenges the eyes of the audience by creating reality-bending images that will absolutely blow your mind. Oh, and just in case you were wondering, they’re all done without Photoshop. If you’re wondering how […]