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What This Detroit Resident Spotted Outside Her Window Is Quite Shocking

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Surprisingly enough, UFO sightings in and around major cities are actually pretty rare. That’s why the UFO that was spotted over the city of Detroit earlier this month is especially freaky. While it’s difficult to make out exactly what it is that we’re seeing in the sky, it’s safe to say that it’s no conventional […]


This Mother Claims To Have Filmed A Ghost Sitting In Her Child’s Crib

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When you’re a new parent, life is stressful. Worrying endlessly about your little one is part of the job description, so it only makes sense that you would drop a good chunk of change on a nice baby monitor. But what if that monitor catches something in your baby’s room that’s not supposed to be […]


Strangely Barren Patches Of Land Keep Appearing In Australia — What Are They?

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Many sad men have dealt with baldness, but now it’s Mother Nature’s turn. Near the town of Newman, Australia, bizarre patches of geological baldness that people have cutely nicknamed “fairy circles” are appearing across the Outback. What’s strange is that fairy circles had only ever been spotted in Namibia before this point. What’s the connection? […]