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Let’s Be Honest With Ourselves: If All Brands Told the Truth, They’d Say This.

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There’s some degree of shadiness and dishonesty associated advertising industry, it’s true. Wouldn’t it be refreshing if companies just told the truth about their products? Unfortunately, we rarely see this nowadays. If we did, we have a feeling it’d go a little something like this: 1.) At least it’s not “Slim-Slow” Honest Slogans 2.) Well, […]


Here’s A Shocking Reminder Of How Far We’ve Come. These 14 Ads Would Never Run Today.

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Check out these extremely offensive vintage advertisements from the 50s. Each and every one of them would be banned today. Well, by “banned” I mean, “no one in their right mind would do this today.” Which kinda got me thinking, I wonder if any of today’s ads will be viewed as ridiculously offensive 60 years […]