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‘Survey says? Douche!’ Family Feud lashes out at Ted Cruz, Tea Party!/NathanWurtzel/status/386591232375267328

We don’t know any of the details behind this tweet, but somebody manning the official Twitter account of the Family Feud game show decided to get political:!/FamilyFeud/status/386547865977233408

Many prefer game shows, not to mention their Twitter feeds, to contain a little less partisan hackery:!/iowahawkblog/status/386595315521839104!/jpodhoretz/status/386595686306693120!/vermontaigne/status/386591747461353472!/GenRachel/status/386579473832742912

And the top answer in this survey?

@FamilyFeud Name something you did to Family Feud on twitter?…

Blocked them?

YES!!! That's the No. 1 answer!!!— TTB (@ttsocb5) October 05, 2013

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