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‘Sick’: Son of Adrian Peterson beaten; Fantasy football tops minds of many!/tehinstigator/status/388694721104592896

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According to numerous reports, a young son of Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson was severely beaten by a man the child’s mother had been seeing. The child is currently hospitalized and the suspect has been arrested.!/Shaughn_A/status/388692278459387904

That has been an outpouring of support for Peterson and his family, along with what to do with the man who allegedly beat Peterson’s son:!/DougFlutie/status/388741287299403776!/fletch_09/status/388694391189422080!/VasiliosDM/status/388694358935212032!/randomhero79/status/388694314080956416!/AmandaMRabon/status/388694326085025792

However, on the minds of many was the effect the horrible beating of a child would have on … fantasy football teams.!/jaredwsmith88/status/388706716394602496

There were many whose minds were first and foremost on fantasy football:!/JoeyDips/status/388709196813725697!/stallion_mode/status/388707704526876672!/The_Xavier93/status/388707085342351361

Well that’s, um, very kind.

More fantasy league concern:!/woeismeade/status/388704848965038080!/HessDustin/status/388704313167867904!/ConB1299/status/388701881553661952!/XquietSTORM08x/status/388698343389405184!/JackVandercar/status/388696244450627584!/Mody_Mac/status/388691620746375170!/StayTooned_/status/388687252273901568!/_Jenna_Kate37/status/388683178845937664

Is there a fantasy league that starts the season with a sensitivity training camp?!/cunninghamMJ_/status/388713545170300928

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Heartbreaking news: Adrian Peterson’s son has died following brutal beating

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