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Shameful: Tweeters hope Hurricane #Sandy ‘blows away Mitt Romney’!/QudsiyyahJ/status/262627661191446529

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There have been a lot of threatening tweets directed toward Mitt Romney lately. Now, there are some who want the presidential hopeful to be blown away by Hurricane Sandy.

I Want Hurricane Sandy Too Blow Away Mitt Romney.

— #TeamLoser/#Finessee (@Fine__DAD) October 28, 2012

Hurricane Sandy, do us a favor and blow Romney away. Thanks.

— ashley cameron (@ashleycameronxx) October 28, 2012

Straight into the ocean!! RT @lemonnnndrop I hope Sandy blow Romney out the Presidential Race!

— Nae Sax (@naenaeboogie) October 28, 2012

Romney better be gone with sandys windlmao she needa blow him away

— Gypsy (@_KissMyTats21) October 28, 2012

sannnnndaaaay can u please blow away mitt romney

— Ellen Virkkunen (@err3n) October 28, 2012

And those voting for him.

Sandy better blow away the hoes voting for Romney.

— JoseSosa (@SosaTalks) October 28, 2012

Sadly, it’s not surprising. Where’s the civility Obama used to talk about?

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