President Trump has announced what he calls a “huge” and “historic peace agreement” between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. Besides a normalization of relations, the two countries also agreed to work toward a “just, comprehensive and enduring resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.” What is the significance of this and are deals like this the way to “Middle East peace”? Ian Bremmer, president of Eurasia and GZERO Media, and Dr. Nir Boms, a research fellow at Tel Aviv University, weigh in on what this can mean for the region and the world.

Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace talks about the enthusiasm Senator Kamala Harris will bring to the 2020 presidential race as Joe Biden’s running mate. He also discusses Congress stalling on a coronavirus relief package and President Trump’s ongoing issue with mail-in voting and the U.S. Post Office.

Don’t miss the good news with Tonya J. Powers.

Plus, commentary by Guy Benson, host of “The Guy Benson Show.”

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