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People aren’t buying what Obama’s selling during Small Business Week

, ,!/BarackObama/status/466224139787726848

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Organizing for Action — the keepers of the official, verified @BarackObama Twitter account — tweeted the President’s message for Small Business Week, along with a month old photo of him visiting a small business.!/botimer/status/466232490286665729

Strangely, Obama actually kicked off this week giving a speech at a big business (Walmart) about green energy – a business sector riddled with the kind of government cronyism which tends to crush small business.!/MiamiDadeFLA/status/466297881704411136

People were understandably skeptical about the President’s hollow cheerleading.!/TheRealBepo/status/466227720427687936!/TravisKreber/status/466254663172382720!/EllenAHayes/status/466272403228602368

Don’t hold your breath.



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