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Obama keeps reporters waiting over an hour for press conference

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It’s not exactly breaking news when President Obama is late for a press conference. The guy has the same respect for other people’s time as he does for the Constitution after all. The frustration played out in real time today as Obama kept reporters waiting for more than an hour today.

It forced Fox News to totally skip The Five which leads us to think this may have been a deliberate slight to Greg Gutfeld.!/peterbakernyt/status/497140339787198464!/vplus/status/497141301679517696!/vplus/status/497143893495144448!/samsteinhp/status/497143527751835650

Leave Obama alone!/BDayspring/status/497144005973794816!/redsteeze/status/497144595806167040

Yeah, and they probably want to go home at some point during the day.!/liars_never_win/status/497146889603936257!/tommatzzie/status/497143673227075584

Probably more informative anyway. That Pat Sajak is a sharp dude.!/WestValentine/status/497145476853272579

Well in that case…

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