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NBC News reporters notice Obama admin. not as ‘transparent’ as advertised

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Early in his first term, President Obama promised “unprecedented” levels of transparency. Now some reporters covering the White House are starting to doubt that promise.

NBC News reporter Kasie Hunt had previously referred to an op-ed in the New York Times written by an Associated Press photojournalist titled “Obama’s Orwellian Image Control.”!/kasie/status/411146066315079680

Where has the “transparency” gone?!/kasie/status/411207498516144128

Another NBC reporter, Kelly O’Donnell, complained of the lack of “transparency” in the Obama administration as well:!/KellyO/status/411212797993709569

Many in the mainstream media are having similar awakenings, although it took way too long.!/MoonbatCatnip/status/411213234331328512

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