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Kansas female reps urged to take safety precautions over union vote

Kansas Rep. Stephanie Clayton tweeted yesterday that female representatives were being urged to take extra security precautions in the face of a vote on a bill that would make collective bargaining optional for school boards and prohibit the Kansas National Education Association from using voluntary paycheck donations for political advocacy.

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Getting briefed on 2023. Women legislators are urged to use back steps. All legislators urged to remove nametags tomorrow. #ksleg

— Stephanie Clayton (@SSCJoCoKs) January 29, 2013

Additionally, female Reps urged to walk with a male escort tomorrow, not to be alone. #ksleg

— Stephanie Clayton (@SSCJoCoKs) January 29, 2013

Clayton, a Republican, took some flack for her tweets, which some argued were a ploy to make unions look bad.

@sscjocoks Wow!So your leadership is that afraid of labor?Take off your name tags?Come on. #ksleg

— Clayton Hunter (@chunter56) January 29, 2013

@sscjocoksYou are creating a situation to discredit the Unions while you strip away their rights.

— Jean Schodorf (@JeanSchodorf) January 29, 2013

@jeanschodorf Please do your research about people before making assumptions.

— Stephanie Clayton (@SSCJoCoKs) January 29, 2013

@sscjocoks Are people really that afraid of “union thugs” like the 60ish elementary school librarian @neasmfritz, president of our local?

— HJ Heistand (@Neasmud) January 29, 2013

@sscjocoks Because you’re scared of being attacked?Really?

— mistermagette (@mistermagette) January 29, 2013

@sscjocoks That is absolutely ridiculous.

— Jean Schodorf (@JeanSchodorf) January 29, 2013

To clarify: #ksleg advised to be careful tomorrow due to vote on HB 2023. *I* am not afraid of ppl expressing 1st amendment rights.

— Stephanie Clayton (@SSCJoCoKs) January 29, 2013

@sscjocoks Of course not.There’s no way you’d help to propagate the mythology of teachers as union thugs.

— mistermagette (@mistermagette) January 29, 2013

@sscjocoks pretty sure we are all going to be too busy teaching kids tomorrow…what’s the fear here?? Ridiculous

— Gena (@thetekyteacher) January 29, 2013

@sscjocoksYou are such a cute little sister wife.

— Marty Kimmel (@mkhawk) January 30, 2013

Clayton stands firm.

The only statement I need make on HB 2023 is my vote. #ksleg

— Stephanie Clayton (@SSCJoCoKs) January 30, 2013

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