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Kansas assistant Danny Manning to Tulsa

It is being reported that longtime Kansas assistant Danny Manning has agreed to become the new head basketball coach at Tulsa.

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Danny Manning to Tulsa? Very sad to see him go, but a great coach! Wish the best of luck to him!

— Michael Portman (@Wolfmanjew) March 28, 2012

Danny Manning to Tulsa? A part of me is bummed, but a bigger part is so happy for him and thinks he'll be great!

— McKenzie Breidenthal (@kenziegrl3) March 28, 2012!/MPerkins_KC/status/185144349326192640

For the record, I'm sure when Danny Manning gets a head coaching job, Bill Self is going to write the exact same LOR he did for Hinson.

— Steven Jung (@StevenJung) March 28, 2012

NOOOO!! I knew this was gonna happen, unfortunately Danny Manning is too good to be an assistant coach… #YouWillBeMissed #Goodluck

— David Campuzano (@Thecolombian11) March 28, 2012!/BJohnston1133/status/185145261948022784

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