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Jackass David Sirota: Sequester partly to blame for havoc wreaked by Okla. tornadoes!/jacobperry/status/336858826038980608

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Sigh. Evidently, David Sirota can’t find a better way to reflect upon yesterday’s devastating tornadoes than to link conservatives and the GOP to the fallout from natural disasters.

This morning, he penned an asinine column entitled “Anyone regret slashing National Weather Service budget now?” In it, he attempted — very poorly — to make the case that budget cuts lead to more death and destruction following natural disasters like yesterday’s tornadoes in Oklahoma:!/davidsirota/status/336890227090128897

From his column:

As the Federal Times recently reported, sequestration includes an 8.2 percent cut to the National Weather Service. According to the organization representing weather service employees, that means there is “no way for the agency to maintain around-the-clock operations at its 122 forecasting offices” and also means “people are going to be overworked, they’re going to be tired, they’re going to miss warnings.”

When the ideology of austerity and Congress’s manufactured crises like the sequestration collectively jeopardize that infrastructure, we are needlessly inviting unnecessary and tragic consequences.

So, while he’s not actually suggesting that sequestration directly caused yesterday’s deadly storms, Sirota is asserting that bigger government would have saved property and lives.


Not only is he disingenuous:!/keder/status/336861843459018753

But he’s insulting. And this Oklahoma tweeter gave Sirota the sound thumping he deserved for attempting to politicize the horrific tornadoes:!/letRDfree1022/status/336893741023506432!/letRDfree1022/status/336894055982186497!/letRDfree1022/status/336895626648375297!/letRDfree1022/status/336896054240886784!/letRDfree1022/status/336898458994757633!/letRDfree1022/status/336898832292012032

Hear, hear!

Sirota can spin his wheels to his heart’s content:!/davidsirota/status/336913556073242624!/davidsirota/status/336964128994381824!/davidsirota/status/336965084851085312

But he’s fighting a losing battle against the truth — and decency.!/briina_baybee/status/336901647408181249



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