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It Was Immediately Apparent That These 31 Ideas Were Awful. LOL.

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From time to time, we all have ideas that are so genius, we know we need to do them right away! Unfortunately, through trial and error, sometimes those ideas are revealed to be 100% awful. They turn into moments that turn sour immediately (but happen to be hilarious).

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These people thought they were pretty smart. As it turns out? They were about to make a really, really big mistake.

I don’t think this went as planned.

He was playing Call of Duty a little too much…

The biggest question is: HOW?

Don’t play with fire. Or terrible selfies.

We were all pretty embarrassed of Dad that day.

As always, Chipotle had the last laugh.

She took “diving headfirst” a little too literally.

Tina ruined movie day for everyone.

Instant payback.

I don’t think he’ll be winning that lawsuit.

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