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It Looked Like All Hope Was Lost, But This Man’s Incredible Efforts Saved A Life

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Back in February of 2015, a man stepped onto his porch and came across something awful. Lying motionless under the iron railing was a lifeless cat, and because temperatures were dangerously low, the poor thing was practically frozen.

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He feared the worst, but when he saw the kitten’s paw move, he knew that there was hope. He quickly wrapped her up and brought her inside. After a while, the brave feline — now fittingly named Elsa — came back to life.

Now that temperatures have dropped, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for stray animals in need. It’s hard to survive out there in the winter cold, and sometimes all they need is a hot bath, a warm blanket, and a little love. Who knows? You could even gain a best friend in the process.

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