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I’m Pretty Sure This Antique Store Is Haunted After Watching This Creepy Footage

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Last week, I discovered that everything I once knew and loved about antique stores was wrong.

I have fond memories of exploring them with my mom, sifting through old jewelry, picking out pretty silver candle holders — but all that changed when I uncovered these terrors. I was really hoping that I could hold on to some happy thoughts when it came to the dusty shops but that’s out of the question thanks to this creepy footage from a seemingly haunted antique shop.

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Stuff just falls off shelves on its own…

The shop in question, Barnsley Antiques Centre, hadn’t been open for long when the incidents started to happen. More than 50 strange incidents have occurred.

According to a ghost hunter team, they suppose that it may be a spirit that had previously inhabited a cemetery that the shop was built over.

That’s what you get when you build on top of graves, folks!

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