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He Found A Speaker Outside, And When He Took It Apart, He Found Something Insane

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Despite the fast-moving pace of technology, there is one thing that’s fairly uncommon, and that is a USB-powered speaker.

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It’s something that just simply isn’t seen very often, and for fairly obvious reasons. Now, why am I pointing this out? Well, if you happen to encounter what looks like a normal computer speaker and there’s a USB cord coming out the back of it, you should probably be a little suspicious about the speaker’s true intentions.

This ordinary-looking speaker was found by Redditor mikezilllaaa outside of his office. Looks normal, right? But pay attention to that USB cord.

Being a smart guy and sensing that something was afoot, mikezilllaaa began to disassemble the speaker to figure out what was going on.

After removing the back, he found this. That white thing is not a speaker — it’s actually a webcam. Someone created this unique spy speaker with bad intentions.

(source: Reddit)

As it turns out, mikezilllaaa works in a “not-so-nice area,” so maybe finding something like this lying around makes sense. Beware those weird-looking speakers!

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