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Florida county ponders school lunch ‘trash-cams’ to watch kids tossing their veggies!

Lake County, Florida, has a problem. Kids aren’t eating their veggies. In fact, county officials say that kids threw out $75,000 worth of uneaten produce last year. To make sure this never happens again, the county is considering installing cameras in lunchroom trash cans!

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To be fair, county officials don’t want to film students’ faces — just everything that goes in the trash. We’re not sure what they think they’re going to find or why they think this information will be useful.

Because looking in the trash can would be just way too simple…

— Mark Williams (@TalkerMark) October 3, 2012

Good thing they don't have trash cams near windmills: Lake County considers 'trash-cams' at school cafeterias | Home

— Wodeshed (@Wodeshed) October 3, 2012

And they will discover?“@DRUDGE_REPORT: Schools consider 'trash-cams' to monitor vegetables thrown away by students…

— Jim Gilliece (@pastisman) October 3, 2012

Lake County considers 'trash-cams' at school cafeterias | – want ur obama phone better eat ur obama veggies.

— Scott (@William_S_Blair) October 3, 2012

Aside from the fact that this is a tremendous waste of money and reeks of Orwellianism, there’s one other problem with this idea. Some poor lunch lady is going to have to sit and watch all the footage!

School may be putting "trash cams" in cafeteria. Who gets to watch the film…were those carrots falling under the milk?

— Becky Boydstun (@allbeckyb) October 3, 2012


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